Welcome to DevLib.Org's Software Mirrors

About Us: This mirror is run by GeoClicks, a small Hong Kong based publisher. We run a number of sites ranging from GeoExpat.Com an expat community to ShopInHK.Com which is Hong Kong's largest bookstore and toy shop. We also run a small Super bowl Commercials website.

Why Mirror: We use common open source software every day. This software allows several of us to make a living and these mirrors are a small token of our appreciation. We currently provide mirrors for server based software like Apache, CPAN and many more.

Our Technology: We use Internap's global CDN (Content Delivery Network) which allows us to provide local delivery across dozens of major locations across the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sydney, New York, San Francisco, San Jose etc. Our mirrors are synced every 24 hours and stored on a 2TB RAID 10 array.

Contact Us: Contact us through GeoClicks for more information.